2. Specimen Submission Steps

ARLN Requester IDObtain G-2E Specimen FormShip Specimens

1. Request a Submitter ID (Facilities with a current DSHS Lab Submitter ID, skip this step)

NEW USERS and users updating any information previously submitted, please complete a Submitter ID Request Form – https://www.dshs.texas.gov/lab/forms/Submitter-ID-Request-Form-Sept--2017.pdf – and fax it to Tiffunee Odoms at (512) 776-7533.

2. Obtain a G-2E Specimen Submission Form

Once you have a Submitter ID, request a G-2E Specimen Submission Form by emailing LabInfo@dshs.state.tx.us or by calling at (512) 776-7578. You will obtain a G-2E form with your Submitter ID, and a G-2E form is required every time you send a specimen to us.

3. Shipping Information

Please follow shipping instruction for labeling, shipping and transport requirements.

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Last updated October 1, 2020