Engage with DSHS

Our office is always looking for ways to engage with our academic community. We provide programming for students in all stages of their educational journey. 

  • Elementary School 

  • Middle School 

  • High School 

  • Community College 

  • University 

  • Graduate School 

  • Technical schools and training programs 

  • Student groups and clubs 

Some examples of ways we’ve engaged with students in the past 

  • Created public health programming for future medical students including a 'How to Apply to Jobs at DSHS' presentation

  • Hosted info sessions on 'Careers in Public Health for undergraduate and graduate students from a range of academic programs 

  • Coordinated DSHS campus tours including lab visits and meeting with a range of DSHS staff members 

If you are interested in partnering with the DSHS Office of Practice and Learning to provide public health career oriented education to your students, please email internships@dshs.texas.gov.