Requesting Access to the DSHS IRB OneAegis System

All individuals submitting an IRB request are required to submit all documentation through the DSHS IRB OneAegis system. Complete the following steps to get access to the system.

The following guidance is for individuals who did not have an application processed as of January 5, 2024. Individuals with an IRB application prior to that date were included in the system migration. All migrated individuals should have been sent an email on January 29, 2024.

Generally, the following steps are required to gain access to the DSHS IRB OneAegis System:

  1. Register your organization in IAMOnline
  2. Request a new user account in IAMOnline
  3. Request access to the DSHS OneAegis IRB System through IAMOnline

If your organization is already registered with IAMOnline, you will only need to complete steps 2 and 3.

If you have trouble with your IAMOnline account, please contact the IAMOnline Help Desk. The Help Desk is available 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time, Monday-Friday by phone at 855-435-7181 (toll free) or 512-438-4720.


Step 1: Request a New Organizational Account

Your organization must be registered before you can request a new account. Only individuals working for organizations that are not currently registered with IAMOnline need to register their organization.

Register your organization at:

Instructions on registering your organization are available online at: How to Request an Account for a Partner Organization (

The registering individual must also provide the contact information of two users to be added to this partner organization account. The organization must also have an agency sponsor. For IRB-related registrations please list Christopher Webb ( as the agency sponsor. If the agency sponsor approves this access request, the two users will become approvers for this partner organization to review future access requests.

The user’s information and access request will be reviewed by an agency sponsor. The requestor will receive an email notification once the agency sponsor approves or denies the access request.

Once approved, the new approvers will need to register their individual accounts with IAMOnline so that they can approve all future users from their organization. Researchers cannot get their user accounts approved until the approvers finalize registering their user accounts.

Step 2: Request a New User Account

Your organization must have an account before you can register individually.

Register your account at:

Instructions on how to register your account can be found online at: How to Request a User Account to an Existing Partner Organization External User (

Your organizational administrators will review your request to determine if you should have access to the system..


  • The organization name must be an exact match to the name registered. It is easier to match the EIN then the organization’s name. An EIN can be found on your paystub.

Step 3: Requesting Access to the DSHS IRB OneAegis System

Your account must be registered before you can request access to the DSHS IRB OneAegis System.

Instructions on requesting access to the DSHS IRB OneAegis System can be found online at: How to Add Access End Users (

Step 1: Log into IAMOnline at:

Step 2: Sign the Acceptable Use Agreement

Step 3: Click Manage My Access and search for “IRB” (no quotations needed).

Step 4: Select the appropriate user role. Most individuals will be Users and not Administrators.

Step 5: Provide justification. The justification can be added by clicking the “Talking Bubble” icon next to the Details button.

Step 6: Click Submit.

Your organizational administrator will first review the request. If accepted, DSHS IRB staff will review the request. If approved you will have a DSHS IRB OneAegis tile on your IAMOnline dashboard.