Forms & Instructions

Follow the steps below to submit an application:

  1. Contact the appropriate DSHS Program (Alphabetical List of Programs and Contacts). Discuss what you need and determine the best way to present your request. Commonly requested data comes from the following programs,
  2. If the program determines an IRB application is required, you will submit the initial review application and all future continuing review and amendment applications directly to the program. Follow their instructions for the program submission procedures (e.g., electronic or mailed).
  3. Reference the IRB Submission Checklist. Complete the IRB application and forms available below. Include the IRB Submission Checklist and any additional materials to ensure a substantial IRB review process.
  4. Sign and date the application. Send the complete submission to the Program Contact. The Program Contact will obtain all required approvals and forward the submission to the IRB Office.

Submission Deadline

Reference the Meeting Schedule & Submission Deadline page. Applications received after the submission deadline that require a full board review process will be scheduled for the following meeting date. Applications that meet an expedited review process will be scheduled for the subsequent review session.

Principal Investigator Forms

IRB Submission Order

Vendor Information Form

HRP-301 Application

HRP-302 Protocol

HRP-303 Recruitment Protocol

HRP-304 Informed Consent Waiver Request

HRP-305 Informed Consent Document Checklist

HRP-306 Research Team Log

HRP-307 Amendment Application

HRP-308 Renewal Progress Report

HRP-309 Final Report

HRP-310 Initial Checklist

HRP-311 Amendment Checklist

HRP-311 Research Team Only Amendment Checklist

HRP-312 Renewal Checklist

HRP-313 Renewal with Amendment Checklist

HRP-316 Translation Certification Form

DSHS/HHSC Program Forms

HRP-314 Program Routing Form

HRP-315 Data Linkage Plan

Sample MOU/DUA Templates (read-only)

MOU Template