PIOS Notices

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4/21/2023 A check box to either include or exclude inventory with an on-hand quantity of “0” in the inventory reconciliation screen is now available. PIOS/Inventory Reconciliation
4/21/2023 A “print” button was added to enhance the Inventory Reconciliation screen. PIOS/Inventory Reconciliation
4/21/2023 PIOS will now send an automatic confirmation email to the user placing the medication order. PIOS/Email Confirmation Communication
5/8/2023 communication about PIOS moving to IAMOnline PIOS/Email Communication sent
5/8/2023 Communicaiton about using Pharma_ login to get into IAMOnline PIOS/Email Communication sent
5/8/2023 name of tile in IAMonline changed to "Provider Portal"  PIOS/Email Communication sent