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Annual WAC Reporting

Manufacturers must use the following Excel template for submitting annual WAC reports.

To see an example of the annual WAC report, view the Annual WAC Report Template Example.

Reporting a Price Increase

Pharmaceutical manufacturers with United States Food and Drug Administration-approved prescription drugs sold in or into Texas are required to report prescription drug price increases if the WAC price is $100 or greater for a one-month supply if the price increases more than 15 percent in comparison to the lowest WAC from the last calendar year or increased more than 40 percent in comparison to the lowest WAC from the previous three calendar years.

To report a price increase, use the Price Increase Report Template. To see an example, view the Price Increase Report Template Example.

Price Increase Reports are due within 30 days of the price effective date.

The Price Increase Reports and Annual WAC Reports will all be submitted to the online licensing services webpage by the manufacturers. To submit, log in to the online licensing services webpage.