Exchanging Electronic Immunization Information with DSHS

Exchanging Electronic Immunization Information with DSHS to Meet Promoting Interoperability Program Requirements.

The Texas Immunization Registry, ImmTrac2, accepts data using HL7 messaging, supporting the meaningful use of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology by Eligible Clinicians (ECs), Eligible Hospitals (EH), and Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) participating in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' Promoting Interoperability Programs). This HL7 Implementation Guide describes the standards used for information exchange with DSHS for immunizations. Additional information is available in the "Helpful Documents" section below.


DSHS is not authorized to grant exemptions to EHR Incentive Program participants from submitting data to meet program requirements. A program participant may claim an exclusion at the time of attestation. Maintaining appropriate documentation, if any, is the responsibility of the program participant.

Entities qualified to exchange data with the Texas Immunization Registry but not participating in the Promoting Interoperability Programs may also use these data exchange standards.

As a participant in the submission of electronic data to the Texas Immunization Registry, health care organizations will assist in improving the efficiency and quality of care to Texas residents while reducing costs.

Data exchange must be in accordance with all applicable laws and practices.

More information about the Texas Immunization Registry is available on the registry home page.

Promoting Interoperability Program participants must be "actively engaged" in exchanging data with public health agencies to meet program requirements and attest positively to any program measure requiring data exchange with– or reporting to– a public health agency. Program participants must register separately with each registry.

There are three ways Promoting Interoperability Program participants can be "actively engaged" with ImmTrac2:

  1. Once an entity has signed up for ImmTrac2 they may register their intent to exchange data as part of meeting Promoting Interoperability Program requirements. This registration must occur within 60 days of the start of the reporting period. Participants who have previously registered do not generally need to re-register. Once registered, a participant may be placed in a queue waiting to be invited for testing/validation. Participants waiting in this queue are also considered to be "actively engaged."
  2. Be in the process of testing and validation of the electronic submission of data. When testing and validation are passed, the participant will be moved into production. Participants must respond to requests from DSHS within 30 days; failure to respond twice within an reporting period results in that participant not meeting the measure.
  3. Submitting data regularly into the specified production environment. Participants should not exchange data with the production environment until they have successfully completed testing and validation.

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Helpful Documents

The documents below may assist health care providers and their vendors in successfully implementing the exchange of immunization information.

Document Description

HL7 Implementation Guide

Contains the specifications for submitting an HL7 data file to DSHS.

CVX Vaccination Code List

Lists the CDC's CVX vaccination code set.

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Questions relating to submitting immunization data from electronic health records should be directed to the Texas Immunization Registry's Interoperability Team at ImmTracMU@dshs.texas.gov or call (800) 348-9158, option 3.

General questions relating to the Texas Medicaid EHR Incentive Program should be directed to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Please review the TMHP Health Information Technology website information thoroughly before contacting the support desk at HealthIT@tmhp.com.

Questions about Promoting Interoperability Programs and public health may be directed to MeaningfulUseTX@dshs.texas.gov.

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