DSHS Region 2/3 HIV/STD Program

DSHS Public Health Regions 2&3
1301 South Bowen Road, Suite 200
Arlington, Texas 76013-2262

Phone Number: 817-264-4500
Fax Number: 817-264-4778

HIV/STD Program Mission Statement

Our mission is to prevent, treat, and/or control the spread of HIV/STDs. In keeping with this mission, we procure, allocate, and manage fiscal and human resources so that we may:

  • Provide HIV/STD education and information;
  • Collect, interpret, and distribute data relating to HIV and STD;
  • Provide guidance to those who oversee, plan for, or provide HIV and STD services; an
  • Provide medication and supplies to prevent, manage, and treat communicable diseases

In pursuit of this mission, we will make every effort to assure that the citizens of Texas receive quality services.

 Name  Position Phone Email
 Oscar Hernandez Program Manager 817-264-4552 Oscar.hernandez@dshs.texas.gov
 Consuelo Cortez
 Team Lead 817-264-4773 Consuelo.cortez@dshs.texas.gov
 Laticcia Riggins Community Coordinator 817-264-4893  Laticcia.riggins@dshs.texas.gov
 Julie Bassett HIV Surveillance Coordinator 817-264-4775 Julie.Bassett@dshs.texas.gov

To report HIV/STDs
, please use the information listed here:
Regional and Local Health Departments Contact Information

HIV-STD Program 

Last updated May 5, 2020