Community Health Services - Public Health Region 2/3


Improve and maintain the health of the population of Public Health Region 2/3.​


The purpose of Community Health Improvement (CHI) is to provide population-based services to counties in Public Health Region 2/3 (PHR 2/3) not served by a local health department. The CHI team in PHR 2/3 is composed of three programs: Maternal and Child Health, Tobacco Prevention and Control, and Youth Behavioral Health. The CHI team works together to address the Essential Public Health Service in each county. CHI works with a variety of community stakeholders, including but not limited to local health departments, school districts, health agencies, hospitals, government entities, youth organizations, and local communities, to provide the services below.

What We Do

Maternal and Child Health​

  • Population-based education​
  • Child seat safety​
  • Safe sleep information​
  • Oral health education​
  • Mother-Friendly Worksite initiative

Youth Behavioral Health​

  • Evidence-based education on suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and resiliency ​
  • Promotion of informational materials related to behavioral health

Tobacco Prevention and Control​

  • Tobacco cessation​
  • Youth education to prevent tobacco use

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