Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Program

What is the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite Program?

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Thousands of Texas employers are committed to supporting their breastfeeding employees when they return to work.

Texas Mother-Friendly Worksites are businesses that support employees who choose to breastfeed their infants. Your business may qualify for designation as a Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite if you have a written and communicated lactation support policy.

Your policy should include:

  • Work pattern flexibility and break time;
  • A private, non-bathroom location(s) to express breastmilk;
  • Access to a nearby clean and safe water source; and
  • Access to storage options to safely store breastmilk.​ 

Your business may offer extra support, such as educational resources, work-from-home options, onsite childcare, or baby-at-work policies.

If you offer benefits beyond the minimum criteria, you may qualify for Silver or Gold Designations.


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