Environmental and Consumer Inspections - Public Health Region 2/3

Registered Sanitarians in the Division of Regional and Local Health Operations conduct inspections and provide emergency response support when needed across a 49-county area in Region 2/3.

Areas of Work

Food Establishments ​

Inspections are conducted in locations where the state has jurisdiction because of an absence of a local health department.  Region 2/3 sanitarians inspect approximately 2500-2600 firms for compliance with the Texas Food Establishment Rules including: ​

  • Retail food establishment ​
  • Non-profits food preparation ​
  • Jail food service operations ​
  • School cafeterias ​

Our efforts are dedicated toward elimination of foodborne illness.​

Complaints for Retail Food:   ​

Public Sanitation & Retail Food Safety ​
Phone (512) 834-6753/ Fax (512) 834-6683​

Youth Camps ​

All youth camps in Texas are permitted and inspected by Texas Department of State Health Services.  Youth camps are inspected during operation to determine compliance with the Youth Camp Act and the Youth Camp Rules.​

Public Health Sanitation ​

Inspections are performed, if requested, in areas lacking local health department jurisdiction.  Inspections may be conducted at:​

  • Public health nuisances ​
  • Playgrounds​
  • Motels ​
  • RV/trailer parks ​
  • Emergency shelters ​

Swimming Pools, PIWF and Spas​

Inspections of recreational public water sites such as pools, spas and public interactive water features (PIWF) are done on a complaint only basis in locations under state jurisdiction. ​

Emergency Response ​

Sanitarians may assist in emergency response efforts within Region 2/3 and statewide emergency response efforts as requested.  ​

Note, DSHS no longer offers inspections for Day Care Centers, these are offered through the Health & Human Services Commission, visit: Child Care | Texas Health and Human Services 

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