Public Health Sanitation Program

The mission of the Public Health Sanitation Program is to protect the health and safety of the people of Texas. Our focus is on gaining voluntary compliance with both state and federal environmental health laws by oversight and education of the regulated community and by providing informational services to the general public. Through our environmental health programs, we educate and inform the regulated community and the general public by licensing, performing inspections, responding to complaints, and, when necessary, through regulatory enforcement. The Public Health Sanitation Program strives to carry out our mission to protect the health and safety of Texans efficiently, effectively, fairly, and professionally, always with respect and dedication to all Texans.

Public Health Sanitation Complaints

For inquiries and complaints regarding public health and sanitation issues please contact your local health department here: Texas Local Public Health Organizations

After searching the Texas Local Public Health Organization link above and your city or county lacks a local health department, please contact the Public Health Sanitation Program for assistance:

Contact Information - Public Health Sanitation Program | Texas DSHS

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