Zoonosis Control - Public Health Region 2/3

The Zoonosis Control Division identifies, prevents, and controls diseases that animals can give to people. The Zoonosis Control Division provides the following services:

  • Investigation of disease  that can be spread from animals to people,
  • Collection of biological specimens for disease surveillance, 
  • Rapid response team field investigations for emerging diseases in the field, 
  • Identification of various rabies virus strains in submitted specimens, 
  • Provision of human rabies biologicals, 
  • Regulation and inspection of rabies quarantine facilities, 
  • Animal control officer training, and 
  • Oral Rabies Vaccination Program for wildlife.

Contact Information

Zoonosis Control
Texas Department of State Health Services
Public Health Region 2/3 Headquarters
1301 South Bowen Road, Suite 200
Arlington, TX 76013
Phone: 817-264-4920
Fax: 817-264-4925
Email: HSR2-3.ZoonoticReporting@dshs.texas.gov

Animal Control Officer Training  

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