Community Relations Volunteer Services

Volunteer programs have been an important part of the Texas Center for Infectious Disease (TCID) since 1953 when the San Antonio State Tuberculosis Hospital was established. Volunteers are involved in providing opportunities and activities for patients with tuberculosis. The Volunteer Services Council (VSC) is a non-profit 501(c). 3 organization; whose mission is to "provide services for in-hospital tuberculosis patients whose needs are not provided through state funding”.

The Volunteer Service Council provides these services through the generosity of community agencies, civil organizations, private donors, and grants as well as Rummage Sales held throughout the year, on campus in Building 521.  The VSC works within authorities granted by DSHS and state law.

Activities and projects funded by the VSC are:

  • Art and music supplies for the occupational therapy programs
  • Computer-based education on mathematics, reading, and science as well as computer literacy
  • Christmas gifts
  • Holiday parties and gatherings
  • Clothing and personal care items
  • Tickets to recreational events
  • Reading material such as current magazines and books
  • Postage stamps, greeting cards, and stationery for communication with family members
  • Field trips
  • Recreational activities such as bingo parties
  • Celebrations of cultural events such as Martin Luther King, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, 4th of July

Opportunities for volunteering include:

  • Join the Volunteer Services Council (Board)
  • Host a Christmas/Holiday party
  • Become a volunteer in one of the numerous hospital areas.
  • Collect donations for patients' needs
  • Host a bingo party
  • Assist with a Holiday event
  • Work in the VSC Rummage Sales
  • Provide tickets to recreational events

To volunteer, make a donation, or community education, contact:

The Community Relations Office
Texas Center for Infectious Disease
2303 SE Military Drive
San Antonio, TX 78223