Tuberculosis Elimination Program - Public Health Region 4/5N

The goal of the Tuberculosis Control program is to eliminate tuberculosis by early identification of cases with appropriate therapy, and by identifying and treating preventively persons who are at high risk of developing the disease.

The program provides diagnostic and therapeutic services through the regional public health local department. Epidemiologic investigations, surveillance, and follow-up activities are available, as well as tuberculosis testing supplies, medications, and directly observed therapy. Medical records include the reporting of cases of Hansen's disease with record maintenance.  Quality control monitoring is provided for both regional services and local health departments.  Hospital services, in-patient and out-patient, are available through a cooperative agreement with the University of Texas Center at Tyler.


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Alison Sterken
Program Manager
Telephone: 903-533-5247
Fax: 903-533-5358

Department of State Health Services
Health Service Regions 4/5 North
2521 West Front Street
Tyler, TX 75702
Main Telephone: 903-595-3585