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This office maintains regional and county profiles. We also provide health-related statistics upon request. We help with getting local health data from many sources. Community Health Improvement manages the following programs:

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Tobacco Prevention and Control

The Office of Tobacco Prevention and Control is the state's tobacco information resource center. The office also has eight regional tobacco coordinators. Coordinators conduct FDA Compliance investigations within the region. They coordinate training workshops for work sites, schools, healthcare providers, and community organizations.

Training workshops:

  • Facilitate the implementation of non-smoking policies,
  • Provide tobacco education resources, and
  • Promote smoke-free indoor air.

Regional staff also helps with the development of non-smoking policies and ordinances for local communities and work sites. Youth and vendor compliance education helps reduce youth tobacco use and start tobacco prevention.

Want to Quit?

Lana Herriman
Regional Tobacco Coordinator

Services for Schools

  • Coaching Boys into Men and Youth as Leaders– leadership programs
  • Eat Grow Learn Go – gardens
  • Safe Driver Support

Community Services

  • Diabetes Education
  • Step Up Scale Down
  • Better Me Within – faith-based diabetes and weight loss program
  • Life Jacket Loaner Program
  • Breastfeeding Tents for Festivals/Community Events

Services for Children 0-9

Community Health offers many services for children ages 0-9 including:

  • Car Seat Inspection and Installation
  • Don’t Forget Baby in a Hot Car – hyperthermia prevention
  • Safe Sleep Initiatives – Back to Sleep
  • Water Safety – American Whales Tales Curriculum
  • Bicycle Safety
  • Bullying
  • Nutrition Education

Services for Adolescents 10-19

  • Water Safety
  • Vaping and E-Cig
  • Bullying and Suicide Prevention
  • Minor Sex Trafficking Prevention

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Derrick Choice 
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Martha Light 
Public Health Technician 

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