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The work of dedicated cancer reporters like you makes it possible for researchers to determine cancer incidence in populations, identify health disparities, and so much more. To support your commitment to the field of cancer registry, TCR offers basic and specialized training, advanced workshops and software training. Dates, locations and topics are posted as they become available.

To request a training, complete our training request form.

2020 Statewide Training Series

TCR is excited to sponsor the 2020 Statewide Training Series with Denise C. Harrison, LLC, this summer. This online training series is designed for intermediate and advanced-level cancer reporters wanting to grow their abstracting and coding skills. Enrollment is open to all Texas cancer reporters, including CTRs, non-CTRs, students and out-of-state reporters who work with Texas cancer facilities.

The training series will consist of 10 recorded webinars presented by Denise Harrison, BS, CTR. Each course will include a live Q&A session two weeks after the course is posted, giving reporters two weeks to view each training. Webinar materials, including slides and case scenarios, will be available for download. Reporters who complete the entire training series will receive 13 CE credits (12 in category A).

The webinar series begins on June 8, 2020. A new training will be posted each week.

The modules and materials will only be available through the FLccSC training website.

To participate in the 2020 Statewide Training Series:

  1. Register for the entire series via Survey Monkey. You will receive a confirmation with additional details.
  2. Sign up for a FLccSC account, if you don't already have one.

2020 Spring Training Webinar Series

This year, the TCR offered a live 10-week Spring Training Webinar Series to provide information to all cancer registry staff. This series covered coding rules for cases diagnosed in 2018 and later. Materials for the webinar series are available through links in the following table.

Training Dates and Registration Links
 Date and TimeTopic  Materials
 February 5

 10:00–11:00am CT

 TCR and Cancer Reporting Presentation
 February 12

 10:00-11:15am CT

 Casefinding Presentation

 February 19

 10:00–11:00am CT




 February 25

 10:00am–12:00pm CT

 2018 Solid Tumor Rules



 March 4

 10:00–11:30am CT

 Cancer Information Presentation
 March 11

 10:00–11:00am CT

 SSDI Presentation
 March 18

 10:00–11:30am CT

 Cancer Staging Presentation
 March 25

 10:00–11:00am CT

 Demographics and Patient Information Presentation
 April 1

 10:00am–12:00pm CT

 Treatment Information Presentation
 April 8

 10:00–11:00am CT

 Documentation Presentation

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