Pathology Lab Reporting

"A technician using a microtome to prepare histological sections of tissue for pathological examination. A microtome is an instrument that cuts extremely thin sections of material for examination under a microscope."Pathology laboratories are a vital source of information for the Texas Cancer Registry (TCR). Both state and national labs that diagnose cancer for patients residing in Texas provide valuable diagnostic information that other sources might not report.  Hospitals, cancer treatment centers, ambulatory surgery centers, physicians, and hospitals are required to report their cancer cases to the TCR, but not all do.

In the past, central cancer registries received the bulk of their cases from in-patient hospital facilities. Now, the diagnosis and treatment of some cancers has shifted to outpatient settings. This has led to underreporting of certain cancers most often diagnosed and treated in outpatient settings, such as early-stage melanomas, prostate cancer, and hematologic cancers. To make sure all cases are reported, the TCR is pursuing increased case reporting from pathology labs.

Required Information

The TCR requires the following information from pathology laboratories:

  • Copy of the pathology report
  • Basic patient demographics, including patient name and address and cancer site, histology, and diagnosis date

The TCR's Pathology Lab Reporting Template shows information fields that are required (if available). Labs can use this template to submit information to the TCR using the instructions below. Additional fields are encouraged, but not required.

How to Submit Cases

Because reportable cases include personally identifiable information, the TCR has two secure methods for receiving cases.

Our preferred method for receiving pathology reports is a Health-Level 7 (HL7) formatted file through the Public Health Information Network Messaging System (PHINMS). If you are interested in reporting through PHINMS, the TCR can connect you with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to install PHINMS at your lab.

The TCR also accepts scanned and electronic reports through Web Plus, a web-based application that collects cancer data securely over the Internet. To start, create a Web Plus account:

  1. Complete the Online Web Plus Account Registration.
  2. Submit the Web Plus Use and Confidentiality Statement via fax to 512-776-7681 or email to

The TCR strongly discourages sending paper records through less secure methods, including mail and fax. 

If you have any questions about reporting cases, please email

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