Profiles FAQ


Commonly Asked Questions about the School Health Profiles (Profiles)

1. Am I required to complete the Profiles questionnaires?

Participation in the Profiles survey is voluntary. However,the information collected is extremely valuable to the State of Texas. We use this information to obtain funding,target resources, plan professional development for school staff, and develop andimplement policies and practices to improve student health.

2. Will my responses be kept confidential?

Yes. Respondents are never identified either as individualsor by their school name. All respondent answers are reported in an aggregateformat only.

3. We do not have a lead health education teacher. Who should complete theLead Health Education Teacher questionnaire?

You should select a staff person who is knowledgeable aboutinstruction on health topics at your school. This person might not be a healtheducation teacher—he or she could be a physical education teacher, the schoolnurse, or an assistant principal.

4. We do not teach health education at this school. Do I still need tocomplete the Lead Health Education Teacher questionnaire?

Yes. Even if your school does not teach health education,some of the topics on the questionnaire might be covered in other classes suchas physical education or science. Please have a staff person who isknowledgeable about instruction on health topics complete the questionnaire. Ifthat person is not sure of an answer, he or she should consult with other peopleat your school. In addition, he or she should complete the questionnaire evenif most of the responses are "no"—this is important information for our agency toknow.

5. I am new to this school and do not know what happened for most of theschool year. How should I respond to the questionnaire?

You should still complete the questionnaire. Find someone atthe school who can assist you in filling it out. This should be an individualwho has been at the school for multiple school years.

6. We do not have grades 6-12 in our school. Do I still need to completethe questionnaire?

No. You should not complete the questionnaire. To help uswith our record keeping, please return it with a note saying that none of thesegrades are taught at this school. We will mark your school as ineligible forthe survey.

7. If a question does not apply to our school, should I leave that questionblank or answer no?

If the question has “not applicable” as a possible responseoption, please answer using this option if the question does not apply to yourschool. For example, some questions ask about grades 6, 7, and 8, so if yourschool does not contain any of those grades, you would mark “not applicable.”However, if there is no “not applicable” response option and you think the questiondoes not apply to your school, just leave that question blank.

8. I have already completed this questionnaire. Why are you asking me to doit again?

Thank you so much for completing the questionnaire. Pleaseemail us at to let us know you completedthe questionnaire and confirm we received it.