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Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program (TYTAP)


TYTAP Classes for Youth

Youth Tobacco Awareness classes are for youth referred by the court, by their school, or by a parent/guardian.*

Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program (TYTAP) provides awareness classes for minors that teach them information and skills necessary to quit tobacco use and to avoid using tobacco products in the future.        

Find a TYTAP Class and Instructor in your area:

TYTAP Instructor List A - This list is current as of 10/2021 and includes all licensed TYTAP Instructors in Texas. Please use List A to locate an instructor in your county and contact them using the phone number provided to inquire about a TYTAP class. If there is not an instructor on List A for your county then find an instructor in a nearby county or contact an instructor on List B below.*

TYTAP Instructor List B - This list is current as of 07/2021 and includes licensed TYTAP Instructors in Texas approved to conduct virtual classes. You can contact the instructors on List B if you were unable to locate an instructor in your county or in a county near you on List A.*
Please visit https://dshs.texas.gov/tobacco/TYTAP/ or contact Tobacco.Free@dshs.texas.gov if you have issues finding an instructor or questions about TYTAP.
*Approved TYTAP classes are only conducted by trained instructors (individuals) with an active State of Texas TYTAP license. TYTAP participants should verify that a TYTAP instructor is certified and listed below before paying for a TYTAP class. Online classes offered by any individual or entity besides those listed here are not valid and the court might not accept a Certificate of Completion from an uncertified organization, instructor, or website. Please email tobacco.free@dshs.texas.gov and refer to Texas Health & Safety Code, Sec.161.253 for more information.

To verify a TYTAP instructor certification follow these steps:  

  • Visit https://vo.ras.dshs.state.tx.us/datamart/login.do?header=true,
  • Under Check License Status, click License Search,
    • Search by Name for a Specific License Type,
    • Select Texas Youth Tobacco Awareness Program from the dropdown menu for License Type, and click Next.
    • Enter the name of the instructor off List A or B that you want to verify.
    • Click Search.

For problems using the online search, please email Tobacco.Free@dshs.texas.gov.  

Other Cessation Resources

TYTAP can be a valuable cessation intervention for youth tobacco use. However, a behavioral intervention class like TYTAP may not be appropriate for everyone or every situation. Here are other youth cessation resources that may be useful:

  1. Information and resources for quitting vaping can be found at the following links: 
    a.    https://dshs.texas.gov/vaping/HowtoQuit/
    b.    https://dshs.texas.gov/vaping/Resources/

  2. Visit YesQuit.org for expert advice about how to quit using any tobacco product. Call the Texas Tobacco Quitline at 1-877-YES-QUIT to connect with a professional who can guide you through the process and recommend support programs in your community.

Information for Courts & Schools

TYTAP Courts

TYTAP Schools

TYTAP Instructor Application  

Register to be a new certified TYTAP Instructor:

  1. Complete & Submit the TYTAP Instructor Application to Tobacco.Free@dshs.texas.gov (Please do not fax the application)
    a. There is no fee to apply to be a TYTAP instructor.
    b. In addition to the TYTAP Instructor Application, please submit:
    • Current resume or curriculum vitae
    • Copies of certificates, licenses, or college transcripts
    • Results of a Texas Department of Public Safety background check**

  2. Register & Attend a TYTAP Instructor Training.** Information on instructor trainings is below.
    a. There is a fee for approved TYTAP instructors to attend the TYTAP instructor training.
    b. DSHS staff will notify approved applicants about the next TYTAP Instructor Training opportunity.

    **This must be obtained at the applicant's expense at www.dps.texas.gov and requires a credit card for payment.

Renew an Existing TYTAP Certification

A Continuing Education In-Service Training must be attended within the two-year certification period to have a TYTAP certification renewed. Failure to attend the Continuing Education In-Service Training within the two-year period will result in the expiration of the TYTAP certification and the instructor will have to reapply as a new TYTAP Instructor.

To recertify an existing TYTAP certification:

  1. Complete & Submit the TYTAP Instructor Application to Tobacco.Free@dshs.texas.gov.  (Please do not fax the application)
    a. Indicate that the application is for a renewal and provide updated information.
    b. There is no fee to apply to recertify as a TYTAP instructor.

  2. Register and attend a TYTAP Continuing Education In-Service Training**
    a. There is a fee for approved recertification TYTAP instructors to attend the TYTAP instructor training.
    b. DSHS staff will notify approved recertification applicants about the next TYTAP Instructor Training opportunity.

**Only applications that are approved by DSHS can register to attend TYTAP Instructor Trainings. TYTAP Instructors are certified for two years.

TYTAP Instructor Trainings

NEW! The next instructor training is scheduled for April 20-22, 2022.

To register to attend a TYTAP Instructor Training, please complete the TYTAP Instructor Application. All applications must be reviewed and approved by DSHS before registering to attend a training. If there are not any upcoming trainings on the schedule below, then it is recommended that all interested applicants submit their application and DSHS staff will follow-up by providing training details for the next available training to approved applicants.

For general questions or more information about the TYTAP Instructor application process, email tobacco.free@dshs.texas.gov.  

For more information about TYTAP Instructor Training classes, please email ytap@sph.tamhsc.edu.  

Last updated November 23, 2021