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DSHS Contractor - Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy

All contractors with DSHS must certify that they have adopted and enforce a tobacco-free workplace policy that meets or exceeds DSHS minimum standards. 

Smoke-Free Citiesimg_lungs

Check out the growing list of Texas cities that have adopted a comprehensive smoke-free municipal ordinance to protect people from exposure to secondhand smoke.

Visit the Texas Smoke-Free Ordinance Database at http://shsordinances.uh.edu/

Smoke-Free Housing

Per U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), all public housing authorities (PHAs) are required to have a smoke-free policy for buildings and property by July 31, 2018. 

Tobacco-Free Schools

According to the 2016 Texas Youth Tobacco Survey, 9.4% of middle school students and 21.1% of high school students reported current use of some type of tobacco product. Per Texas Education Code §.38.006, Texas public schools are tobacco-free environments. Smoking or using tobacco is prohibited at a school-related or school-sanctioned activity on or off school property.

Smoke-Free Workplace

A tobacco-free workplace is an environment in which tobacco use of any kind, including lit and smokeless tobacco, is prohibited. A tobacco-free workplace can enhance productivity by reducing tobacco-related absenteeism, improving air quality, and decreasing insurance costs among employees who stop using tobacco. The Tobacco-Free Workplace toolkit is designed to provide employers with a step-by-step guide for creating a tobacco-free workplace policy.

Last updated March 10, 2022