Helpful Hints for Healthy Hearing

Earaches or draining ears may be signs of an ear infection. Warm "sweet oils" may damage the ear and should not be used.

Ear infections may cause hearing loss.

Allergies or a constantly stuffy nose may be related to hearing loss.

Learning and behavior problems may be due to difficulty in hearing.

Removal of ear wax and foreign objects can damage ears. Do not use cotton swabs, toothpicks, hairpins or matches to clean the ear canal.

See your physician about the conditions above. 


Preventing Troubles

Never blow the nose violently. Blow it without adding pressure to either nostril and with the mouth open.

Never strike the ears.

Avoid loud noises (loud music, firecrackers, machinery). Wear hearing protectors when around loud sounds.

"Never put anything into the ear canal smaller than your elbow"



For more detailed information on how to safeguard your priceless gift hearing, ask your local health unit, school nurse, or other health nurses in your area.