Reporting Court Cases Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship

All divorces/annulments (with or without children) and other court cases or suits affecting the parent-child relationship must be reported through the clerk of the court to The Texas Vital Statistics Section. To meet the requirement, print the following form double-sided*:

Suit Affecting the Family Relationship*

*Form must be printed double-sided, on one sheet of paper, not two. Form is not for adoptions.

Consolidated reporting by petitioners, attorneys, and the courts is designed to make mandatory reporting more efficient, timely, and improve the quality of reporting. However, this reporting system is only as good or timely as you make it; therefore, your attention in completing and filing this report is critical.

For information regarding child custody or child support contact the Office of Attorney General.

Court of Continuing Jurisdiction

For information on the court of continuing jurisdiction (CCJ) of a child, contact the CCJ Registry at Inquiries should be submitted using form:

Inquiry on Court of Continuing Jurisdiction for a Child

Completed CCJ forms must be mailed to Vital Statistics:

Texas Department of State Health Services
Vital Statistics Section – MC 1966
Attn: CCJ Registry
PO Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347