AHERA Compliance

-    AHERA Requirements

o    The Local Education Agency (LEA) is responsible for AHERA compliance. LEAs include:

    K-12 public schools
    owners of any private, non-profit elementary or secondary school
    schools operated under the Defense Department's education system

o    To comply with AHERA regulations, LEAs need to:

    Conduct an initial inspection to determine whether asbestos-containing building materials are present 
    Perform a reinspection every three (3) years
    Ensure that accredited professionals perform inspections, response actions, and operation and maintenance
    Create, develop, and maintain an asbestos management plan
    Appoint a designated person to ensure the responsibilities of the LEA are properly implemented
    Inspect known or suspected asbestos-containing building material every six (6) months
    Provide an annual notification to all workers and building occupants about the school’s asbestos management plan and any asbestos-related activity in the school
    Provide custodial and maintenance staff with asbestos-awareness training
    Attach warning labels near any asbestos-containing building material in routine maintenance areas 

o    Asbestos Management Plans

    Each school in the LEA must have an asbestos management plan

    Management plans are living documents. Update them regularly. 

    AHERA management plans include the following: 
•    Name and address of each school building and whether the building has asbestos-containing building material, and the type of asbestos-containing material
•    Date of the original school inspection
•    Reinspection plans
•    Blueprint that identifies the location of asbestos-containing building materials that remain in the school
•    Description of any actions taken to reduce asbestos exposure
•    Copy of the analysis of any building, and the name and address of any laboratory that sampled the material
•    Contact information of the designated person
•    Description of steps taken to notify parents, teachers, and students or their guardians about asbestos management plan and asbestos-activities annually
•    Training records for custodial and maintenance staff

o    Recordkeeping

    The LEA must keep a copy of the asbestos management plan in each school
    The LEA must also keep a copy of every asbestos management plan at their central repository
    The asbestos management plan should be available upon request without restriction within 5 working days

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