Reporting Blood Lead Test Results

Who is required to report?

The following persons are required to report all blood lead results:

  • Physicians
  • Any persons in charge of a clinical or hospital laboratory, blood bank, mobile unit or other facility in which a laboratory examination reveals evidence of the reportable disease
  • Health Professionals
  • Administrator of a hospital
  • Professional Registered Nurse
  • Administrator or Director of a public health or private child care facility
  • Administrator of a home health agency
  • Administrator or Health Official of a public or private institution of higher education
  • Superintendent, Manager or Health Official of a public or private camp, home or institution
  • Parent, Managing Conservator, or Guardian

What blood lead level is required to be reported?

Reporting all blood lead levels is a law in Texas.

Texas Administrative Code requires the reporting of all blood lead levels for

When should blood lead levels be reported?

Immediately after gaining knowledge of the blood lead test.

How should blood lead levels be reported?

Reports should be made electronically. They also may be made by fax, mail or telephone, if necessary.

Methods for reporting electronically:  

Reporting via fax:

Reporting via mail or telephone:

Please call (800) 588-1248 for instructions.

Last updated January 9, 2023