CHW Online Continuing Education

What is a DSHS-certified continuing education unit (CEU)?  

The Promotor(a) or Community Health Worker (CHW) Training and Certification Program must certify the training program, curricula, and instructor of a continuing education unit (CEU). After that happens, it is approved as a Department of State Health Services (DSHS) certified CEU. 

Community health workers must complete the required DSHS-certified CEUs to renew their certification. You may access continuing education in person, via distance learning, or online depending on the CHW training program offering the course. 

Contact the DSHS-certified CHW Training Programs for upcoming continuing education courses for CHWs in your area, or visit the Education Calendar.

Cardea Services

Cardea Services  offers online DSHS-certified continuing education courses for CHWs. All courses are in English and are free.

For a full list of courses, visit their course catalog.

Questions? Contact Lori Weber at 512-982-9168 or


CCHD’s National CHW Training Center, Texas A&M School of Public Health

CCHD provides online self-paced DSHS-certified continuing education courses in English and Spanish for CHWs. All courses are free

Questions? Email  Brenda Verenisse to

Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, Office of Special Programs

TAMHSC-SPH offers a variety of CHW courses in English through their website. Registration is required. 

Questions? email

University of Texas School of Public Health

Title: Community Leadership
Cost: Free
Language: English
CEUs: 1 DSHS certified CHW CEU (Competency: Knowledge Base)
Information and Registration

Title: Addressing Infant Mortality: Preconception Health
Cost: Free
Language: English
CEUs: 1.5 DSHS certified CHW CEUs (Competency: Knowledge Base, Teaching)
Information and Registration

Texas Health Steps Provider Education Modules

Texas Health Steps offers free online continuing education courses designed to enhance providers’ abilities related to preventive health, mental health, oral health & case management services to Medicaid eligible children in Texas. The majority of the online modules are approved as DSHS-certified continuing education for community health workers as well as for Texas physicians, nurses, health education specialists, social workers, and registered sanitarians.
*See list for modules approved as DSHS-certified continuing education for community health workers. Modules related to physician referral guidelines, pharmacy, and specimen collection are not approved as DSHS-certified CHW CEUs.
Cost: Free
Language: English
Registration and Enrollment: Online registration/enrollment at

  1. Create a Texas Health Steps account.
  2. Complete the online registration process.
    1. Select Community Health Worker/Promotor(a) from the drop-down box for your title/profession/discipline.
    2. This will ensure that you will receive the certificate of completion developed specifically for community health workers/promotores.
  3. Complete the online pre-test.
  4. Thoroughly read the content of the module.
  5. Complete the online post-test.
  6. Complete the evaluation.
  7. Save and print the certificate to send in with your CHW renewal application