Community Health Worker Renewal Requirements

Renewal Requirements

You must meet these requirements to renew your certified health worker (CHW) certificate: 

  • Be a current Texas resident,  

  • Renew certification every two years, and 

  • Complete 20 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) every two years. 

Documents to Send DSHS for Renewal

  • Signed and dated application with all information completed.
  • Copies of your 20 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) saved in PDF format. (See Possible Breakdown of CEUs for Renewing section below for more information.)
  • Photo – color photo of your face, similar to a passport photo, saved in PDF format.

Renewal Application

**Due to COVID-19, there will be delays with processing applications submitted by mail. Applications submitted via email at or online will be processed in the order they are received within 90 days. 

Possible Breakdown of CEUs for Renewing

DSHS Certified Continuing Education: At least ten (10) certified hours of continuing education must come from participation in a DSHS approved training program. Note: All CEUs may be DSHS certified.


You may combine five (5) DSHS certified hours of continuing education AND up to five (5) hours of continuing education you completed to renew a Texas license or certification in another health profession.


Non-Certified Continuing Education: The remaining ten (10) hours may come from training programs and instructors not certified by DSHS that relate to one or more of the core competencies. (aka: Non-DSHS Certified Continuing Education)

Helpful information for completing an application:

  • There is no cost for certification.
  • Read the benefits of certification that outlines the benefits of community health worker (CHW) certification and what it means to community health workers.
  • Review the application checklist to ensure the application is complete.
  • Read the photo requirements that provides guidelines to applicants submitting photographs as part of their application to be certified. 

How do I find my CHW certification number and/or expiration date? 
You will need to go to the Texas Department of State Health Services website, Check License Status or Search for a License (CHW certification number) and perform a search. Do Not Create an account go to "License Search." 

Do you need to request extra time to complete your CEUs? 
You may request an extension of up to 90 days in writing before your certification expires. Only one extension is allowed per two-year certification period.  Your written request must be mailed or emailed (, include your name and CHW certification number. 

Has your certification been expired for less than a year? 
You may renew your expired CHW certification by completing the required continuing education units (CEUs) and submitting the Promotor(a)/Community Health Worker application for certificate renewal (above), if your certificate has been expired for one year or less. Your renewed CHW certification will expire two years from the date the previous certification expired. 

Has your certification been expired for more than a year? 
You may re-apply if your certification has been expired for more than one year. You must submit an initial application (below) for certification for approval if you wish to regain your certification.