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Information for Home Visitors

mother and baby

Home visitors can play a key role in preventing dental disease. Smiles for Moms and Babies (SMB) works directly with home visiting (HV) programs in Texas. SMB provides oral health education to HVs regarding the importance of regular check-ups and home care for mom and baby. 

Do You Need Help Talking with Clients?

home visitor teaching oral health

Home visitor teaching oral health 

Free training on how to talk to clients about their oral health is available for home visiting staff. 

Training includes: 

  • information on oral health care for pregnant women, children and infants;
  • educational handouts and YouTube videos in English and Spanish;
  • mouth model for demonstrating toothbrushing to clients; and
  • help for finding dental services.

Children should have their first dental visit by age one or when their first tooth appears in their mouth. Why so early? As soon as baby has teeth, they can get cavities. This first dental visit is quick and fun and introduces the child to the dental team. 

Available to you is a lesson plan about a child’s first trip to the dentist. The plan is intended to help home visitors educate others, such as pregnant women, parents, and caregivers about the “Age One” dental appointment. This 20 to 30-minute lesson includes talking points to guide discussion with clients and is available in English and Spanish.

How can I get a copy of the video and handouts?

Mom and infant


Client-focused video, Baby Steps for Tiny Teeth available through YouTube:

Order free handouts at Pinnacle 

  • Fast Facts (OHIP-046): My Child’s First Dental Visit 
  • Fast Facts (OHIP-041): They’re Not Just Baby Teeth

Oral Health Resources for Home Visitors:

Last updated July 15, 2021