Workers and Employers

"Farmworker spraying pesticide on a field of crops"
Pesticides are used in a variety of settings including farms, gardens, workplaces, homes, and other public areas.

Examples of jobs where exposures to pesticides may occur include: 

  • Ground applicators
  • Nursery workers
  • Farmers and Ranchers
  • Harvesters or field workers
  • Warehouse workers who handle/transport pesticides
  • Pesticide formulators or manufacturers
  • Fumigators
  • Aerial applicators
  • Hotel workers
  • Structural pest control operators
  • Maintenance workers and janitors
  • Swimming pool cleaners
  • Chicken farmers
  • Hospital workers
  • Laundry workers
  • Vet/pet shop workers
  • Cafeteria/restaurant workers
  • Shipping industry workers
  • Retail workers who stock pesticide