HIV CDR - Plan

HIV Cluster and Outbreak Detection and Response Plan (including appendices)

HIV Cluster and Outbreak Detection and Response Plan
Appendix A - Current Cluster Team filled positions: June 2021
Appendix B - DSHS TB/HIV/STD Section Organizational Chart April 2021
Appendix C - STD Contractors and Public Health Follow-up Sites
Appendix D - Texas HIV Syndicate Letter to DSHS May 2017
Appendix E - Instructions for Use of Secure HIV TRACE
Appendix F - Sample Molecular Cluster Snapshot (MC only)
Appendix G - Sample Molecular Cluster Snapshot (MC, TN, RN data)
Appendix H - DSHS Cluster Chart Review Form
Appendix I - Administrative Agency Contacts by Region
Appendix J - Dear Colleague Health Advisory Template
Appendix K - Press Release Templates
Appendix L - Community Engagement and Response Grid
Appendix M - Letter to Providers from San Antonio Metro Health District
Appendix N - Tiered Cluster Response Plan
Appendix O - Communications Channels
Appendix P - Molecular HIV Surveillance Fact Sheet
Appendix Q - Molecular HIV Surveillance Fact Sheet Spanish
Appendix R - Drug-Resistance Testing Fact Sheet
Appendix S - Prevention Contractor Contact List
Appendix T - Immigrant Rights Healthcare Fact Sheet
Appendix U - Time Space Analysis Procedures
Appendix V - Select Trainings for Public Health Follow-up Staff
Appendix W - Cluster Detection and Response Community Survey
Appendix X - Letter of Agreement: DSHS-Houston
Appendix Y - HIV Surveillance Contract and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Template
Appendix Z - POPS Chapter 9.58
Appendix AA - Public Health Follow-up Scope of Work
Appendix BB - Prevention Scope of Work
Appendix CC - Cluster Tracking eHARS Import Template
Appendix DD - THISIS Cluster Tracking Header Import