Successful Linkage

The purpose of these “conversation starters” are to help support linkage systems that are client-centered and responsive to circumstances and needs.

The “conversation starters” are one-page documents, like flyers, meant to stimulate conversation and introspection among staff working in the field of HIV. Staff will be encouraged to post the conversation starters throughout the office (in the break room, in the elevator, etc.) and pass them along to colleagues for consideration and conversation. The conversation starters are based on recommendations from staff in the field, in Texas and beyond, taken from interviews conducted by the UT Austin Health Innovation & Evaluation Team for the Successful Linkage priority group.

The five conversation starters address the following linkage-related topics:

  1. The power of leaving the office and getting out into the community
  2. Using newer technologies to communicate with clients
  3. Making linkage to care the easy choice for clients
  4. Increasing clients’ comfort with receiving HIV services
  5. How simple actions can lead to powerful changes

Make linkage the easy choice

Increase comfort by ensuring confidentiality

Positive impact

Power of leaving the office

Technology is your friend

Program Improvement Resources