HIV/STD Program Improvement Resources

The Texas HIV Syndicate built this toolkit to help regional stakeholders improve HIV/STD programs. The toolkit includes ways to address the various needs of our communities living with or without HIV: 

  • Public Awareness – Learn about social determinants of health and how to use social media to promote awareness. 

  • Focused Prevention – Learn how environmental and systemic issues can intensify HIV in vulnerable populations.  

  • Full Diagnosis – Learn about routine HIV screening and why it's important for medical care. Understand common client barriers and how to address them. 

  • Successful Linkage – Get tips for supporting linkage systems to fit the unique needs of clients.  

  • Continuous Participation in Care – Learn how to create systems to identify and respond to individuals at risk of dropping out of care. 

  • Viral Suppression – Learn about viral suppression and the tools available to help maintain medical adherence. 


About the Texas HIV Syndicate

The Texas HIV Syndicate serves as the statewide HIV/STD community planning group for Texas.

Syndicate members make policy, system, and practice recommendations from broad recommendations in the Texas HIV Plan and related planning documents. They also create tools to help regional stakeholders address HIV and other STDs with evidence-based strategies tailored to meet regional needs. 

The Syndicate advises DSHS staff and helps Texas maintain an inclusive and participatory planning process for the delivery of prevention and care services.