TakeChargeTexas – Access the TCT Portal

Agencies/providers, administrative agencies, and pharmacy staff must register for TakeChargeTexas access through the HHS Enterprise Portal.

1. Self-Register in the HHS Enterprise Portal

Begin at the HHS Enterprise Portal to request new access or complete an existing request. The Enterprise Portal is a Health and Human Services (HHS) ADA-compliant cyber gateway.


Steps to complete self-registration for agency/provider, administrative agency, and pharmacist users: 

  1. Open the HHS Enterprise Portal 
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Select the second option: “I work for a Non-HHS Government Agency or Partner Organization.” and click Next
  4. Enter the Employer Identification Number (EIN) twice, and click Next
  5. Fill out the details on the Request Access page and click Next - Note: Fields with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory.
  6. The user may have to wait up to five days for the partner org approver or the agency sponsor to approve the request
  7. Upon approval, an email with the username and a temporary password is sent to the email address of the user on file
  8. Log into the HHS Enterprise Portal
  9. Your supervisor and the AA data manager for your area will have to approve your access before you can log in

2. Logging Into the TakeChargeTexas Agency Portal

After the user is approved in the Enterprise Portal, they can log into the TCT Agency Portal website. STAFF WILL USE THE SAME USERNAME/ID AND PASSWORD THEY CREATED TO LOG INTO THE ENTERPRISE PORTAL.


All staff with use this website address to log into the TCT website. You do not have to log into the Enterprise Portal to access the TCT Agency Portal website. You can navigate directly to TCT from your browser. We recommend bookmarking this link.

Note: If you still need help, please try the Requesting TCT Access Through the Enterprise Portal Guide below and pick a scenario that best meets your needs.

3. Using the ‘Requesting TCT Access Through the Enterprise Portal’ Guide

Staff at various stages of requesting access to TCT can use the TCT help guide: Requesting TCT Access Through the Enterprise Portal to complete the registration process.

In this guide, you will find instructions for the following scenarios. Please choose the one that best meets your needs:

  • You currently have both an Enterprise Portal Account and TCT access (pages 1-2).
  • You currently have TCT access but do not have an Enterprise Portal account (pages 2-6).
  • You currently have an Enterprise Portal account but do not have TCT access (pages 6-12).
  • You do not have an Enterprise Portal Account or TCT access (12-25).