TakeChargeTexas – Access the TCT Portal

Agencies/providers, administrative agencies, and pharmacy staff must register for TakeChargeTexas (TCT) access through the HHS Enterprise Portal. Make sure to have completed the Data Security and Confidentiality requirements before requesting IAMOnline. If any assistance is required, please reach out to TCTHelpDesk@dshs.texas.gov.

Self-Register in IAMOnline

  1. Begin at IAMOnline to request new access or complete an existing request. The Enterprise Portal is a Health and Human Services (HHS) ADA-compliant cyber gateway.
    1. Next, click on the link labeled “Request account as a non-HHS employee or register organization” to request a new account.
    2. For non-HHS employees, select the second option "I want to request a new account as a non-HHS employee." Click "Continue."
    3. Next, identify the agency or partner organization that this user represents.
    4. On the Preregistration page, select "Yes" and enter your organization Employer Identification Number (EIN) or the Organization Name. Type in the EIN or the Organization Name within the search box. Select Continue button.
      • Important Tip: Use your organization's EIN (TAX ID) for the most accurate and efficient way to correctly register for access to TCT. Confirm this number with your AA Data Manager or the TCT Help Desk before registering for access. For Pharmacy users, this is a 9-digit number using the THMP Pharmacy ID number.
    5. Complete the Partner User Registration form if the account is with a partner organization.
      • Required fields are marked with a red asterisk *
    6. Once completed, click on the "Submit Request" button located on the bottom of the form.
    7. The request for the new account has been submitted.
      • An assigned organization approver will review your information and access request to determine approval.
      • You will receive an email notification once the assigned organization approver approves or denies the access request.
  2. Requesting TakeChargeTexas in IAMOnline 
    1. After the user is approved in IAMOnline, the user will log in and request TCT.
    2. Log into IAMOnline.
    3. Sign the AUA and then select "Manage My Access."
    4. Search "TCT" in the search bar and select the appropriate role.
    5. Once you select the appropriate role, use the data security and confidentiality certificate number to submit the request.
    6. You can track your request in IAMOnline.
  3. Logging into the TakeChargeTexas Agency Portal
    1. Newly approved users can log in to the TCT Agency Portal website. The username and password for TCT will the same as those used to log into IAMOnline.
    • Note: Users are not required to access TCT through IAMOnline. Users can access TCT directly, but they can also access it through IAMOnline if the user prefers.