TakeChargeTexas – Participating Pharmacies

Register for the TakeChargeTexas (TCT) Pharmacy Portal

The TakeChargeTexas (TCT) Pharmacy Portal rollout is scheduled for March 11, 2024.

Participating pharmacies are required to complete Security and Confidentiality Training, Security and Confidentiality Course Instructions before registering for TCT access in the Enterprise Portal. Once complete, email a copy of the certificate to TBHIVSTD.AccountRequests@dshs.texas.gov.

Pharmacies began user training on January 11, 2024. Training can be found on the TCT website.

Pharmacies can request TCT access at iamonline.hhs.state.tx.us. You can find instructions to register as a pharmacy in the IAMOnline transition guide.

Please email medication@dshs.texas.gov if you have any questions about this notification.

Log in to TCT Pharmacy Portal

How-to Videos for the Pharmacy Portal
Video 1: Assign Pharmacy and Drug Regimen | Presentation
Video 2: Pharmacy Search | Presentation
Video 3: Medication Orders, Order Conflicts and Medication Transfers | Presentation
Video 4: Log Receipt of Packages, Notify THMP of Missing Medications and Request a New Order | Presentation

Technical Assistance

If you encounter a problem or need help using TCT, email the Help Desk. Do not submit private health information (PHI), such as HIV status, with the help desk request.

A Central Office employee will work with you to resolve your issue. If the Central Office cannot resolve the issue directly, they will forward it to the appropriate TCT analysts, supervisors, or IT department for further assistance. Some inquiries may require system changes or additional resources and may take some time to complete. Issues that impact system usability (such as bugs identified in the database) will need to be fixed and tested. These issues will be given high priority and resolved as soon as possible. Other requests, however, may include improvements that will enhance, but not inhibit work. These issues may be assigned a lower priority.