New Applications and Renewals - Online Licensing Help Center

New License Applications

To apply for a new license, log in to the Online Licensing System, and choose the board of the licensing program. See the Find Your Licensing Board or Program webpage for more information on locating your licensing board or program.

  • After selecting the license board, choose the exact license type application from the second list.
  • Click on the "Select" button, directly across from the dropdown lists. Depending on the license type you select, you will be taken to the Introduction screen for the license type’s initial application transaction. Read and follow the directions on each screen.

Renewal License Applications

Most license programs allow renewal one to three months before license expiration date. If you are eligible for renewal, you should see a renewal listed under “It is time to Renew!” on the Main Menu after logging into the system.

Most licenses and registrations are renewed for two years. Check with your licensing program to confirm the renewal period.

Online renewals, initial license applications, and change of addresses are submitted daily to the licensing boards or programs, therefore, renewing online will expedite the renewal process by eliminating mailing time to the agency.

Check Status of Applications

If you previously started or completed applications, you cancheck their status. From the Main Menu clicking on "Select" button across from “Check Status of Your Applications.”

  • Here you will see what applications you have, when they were submitted, for which license type and transaction, and their status. Open applications are not yet complete--you can select one from this screen to complete it. Approved applications have been approved by licensing staff, and more information will be forwarded to you about the process.
  • In some instances, an application will appear with an "Open" status with the additional words "in process" in the title of the application. This represents a secondary application which was opened by DSHS staff to complete the licensure process. When this "in process" application has a status of "Approved", all of the necessary reviews have been completed.