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For questions and issues related to making payments online, please call (877) 452-9060 or email

Program Specific Contact Information

Please contact program personnel for these issues:

  1. Program questions concerning certification, questions or other licensing questions
  2. Inability to log in due to having forgotten your secret question and/or answer
  3. Renewals and/or address changes not displaying on the Quick Start Menu
  4. Adding your license to your registration
  5. Adding your license to your registration and receiving license already attached to another User ID
Contact Information for Programs with Online Licensing
License TypeContact Link
Abortion Facility (HHSC)Program Contact
Abusable Volatile Chemical PermitProgram Contact
Ambulatory Surgical Center (HHSC)Program Contact
AsbestosProgram Contact
Birthing Center (HHSC)Program Contact
Body Piercing StudioProgram Contact
Certificate of Free Sale / Origin / AuthorityProgram Contact
Community Health Worker Program Contact
Drug Manufacturer / DistributorProgram Contact
EMS / EMTProgram Contact
End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Facility (HHSC)Program Contact
Food EstablishmentProgram Contact
Food Handler Training ProgramProgram Contact
Food Manager, CertifiedProgram Contact
Food Manufacturer / Wholesaler / DistributorProgram Contact
Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facility (HHSC)Program Contact
Hazardous Consumer ProductsProgram Contact
Hospital - General (HHSC)Program Contact
Hospital - Special (HHSC)Program Contact
Industrial Radiographer CertificationProgram Contact
Laser RegistrationProgram Contact
LeadProgram Contact
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC) (HHSC)Program Contact
Mammography Accreditation / CertificationProgram Contact
Meat Producer / Wholesaler / DistributorProgram Contact
Medical Devices Manufacturer / DistributorProgram Contact
Milk and DairyProgram Contact
Narcotic Treatment Clinic (HHSC)Program Contact
Radiation Machine Registration (X-Ray, Laser, Industrial)Program Contact
Radioactive Materials LicensingProgram Contact
Recognition of an Out-of-state License for a Military Spouse
Program Contact
Salvage Establishment / BrokerProgram Contact
Sex Offender Treatment Provider (HHSC)Program Contact
Special Care Facility (HHSC)Program Contact
Substance Abuse Treatment Facility (HHSC)Program Contact
Tattoo StudioProgram Contact
X-Ray Machine Registration ProgramsProgram Contact
Youth CampProgram Contact