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Supported Payment Types

Payments can be made using credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) or ACH (automated clearinghouse) electronic check payment methods.

NOTE: Billing payments for radioactive materials (RAM) licenses can only be made by ACH.

Pay for Online Applications

If you have not paid for your application(s) or chosen the "Pay Later" option after applying, you may submit a payment online when you submit your license application.


Select board to pay

First, you select the board of the license type. In this example, we will choose “Abusable Volatile Chemical Program.”


Online Application Payment - Select the applications that you wish to pay for and press next to continue

This screen shows that we have initial applications that are due to be paid if we want to complete the applications. At this point, you may choose which transaction you want to pay for by checking/unchecking the boxes next to the Fee on the right side. Then, select method of Payment; here it can be a credit card or electronic check (ACH) payment. Then click Next.


Confirm Payment Details - If more than one payment method is listed, first select the payment method and then press Next to pay for these applications

A screen to confirm your selections will appear, showing your total amount owed. Click Next to go to the payment screen to fill out payment information. Once you have successfully paid, you will be returned by the system back to VO, and a payment successful screen will appear, confirming your payment. You will also see an option to save a PDF receipt, and an e-mail receipt will be sent to your user account’s e-mail address.

Third Party Payments

Currently, EMS Personnel, EMS Educators, and EMD Instructors may use a third party to make payment on their individual license. For all other license types, only the licensee will be able to make payment on their individual license.

If you are the third party payer who received an email that an application was sent to you for third party payment, you will find the third party payment referral on the Main Menu under Additional Activities > Pay for Online Applications.

Paying Later

If you completed and submit an application online but chose the "Pay Later" option, you may go back into the system and pay at a later date. After logging back into the system with the same user ID that you used to submit and attest your application, you will find payment options located under Additional Activities > Pay for Online Applications.

Contacting Payment Support

If you encounter difficulty processing an online payment, please contact the helpdesk at (877) 452-9060, or by email at