Border Health Data

Data Presentations 

The following presentation includes data on Social Determinants of Health, Communicable Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Mental Health and Behavioral, Maternal & Child Health, and Injury: 

Texas Border Health Epidemiology and Data Overview 

The following presentation includes data on Demographics, Health Care Access, Communicable Diseases, Chronic Diseases, and Mental Health: 

Texas Border Health Data Overview

Data Graphics 

The following is a compilation of Texas data that show different topics addressed on the recent issues of El Fronterizo, OBPH’s monthly newsletter, such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Birth Defects, Nutrition, and Oral Health: 

Border Data from El Fronterizo

More border data can be found on Texas Health Data, just selecting “Border Area” when it’s possible. 

For example, in Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), select “Border” under “Select Geography” option of the “Data Table Builder 2011+” column. Then also select the desired “Health Topic” / “Question Asked”.