Clinic Locations - Texas Public Health Region 4/5 North

Public Health Region 4/5 North consists of 35 counties with 13 health clinics including satellite clinics (clinics that are only open on certain days). We provide immunization services for eligible clients, tuberculosis (TB) screening and treatment, health promotion, and injury prevention services.

Immunizations are provided through Texas Vaccines for Children (TVFC). TVFC is a program for improving vaccine availability by providing vaccines free of charge to eligible children through public and private providers statewide.  The Adult Safety Net provides uninsured vaccines for adults.

The mission of the Tuberculosis Elimination Division is to prevent, control, and eliminate tuberculosis among the people of Texas. This is accomplished through coordinating the efforts of health departments, healthcare providers and communities to develop, implement and assure compliance with effective tuberculosis strategies, standards, and policies.

Health promotion is accomplished through education and guidance on breastfeeding, good nutrition, and the encouragement of physical activity for all persons.  Promoting healthy babies is a nationwide goal, one measure mandated by the state is screening for certain genetic disorders.  All infants born in Texas are mandated by state law to be screened for phenylketonuria (PKU), galactosemia, congenital hypothyroidism, sickle hemoglobin, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.  Texas Health Steps is one way to promote education and provide free continuing education units for clinicians.  Other health promotion activities include recommendations for TextForBaby for healthy recommendations during pregnancy and for the first year of birth, YesQuit for smoking cessation, breastfeeding consultation, and the elementary curriculum Learn Go Eat Go (LGEG) for teaching school-aged children to establish small gardens and many others.

Injury Prevention is concentrated in the areas of Maternal and Child Health.  Pregnant women and infants are particularly at risk for injury.  Some clinics provide free equipment/services such as car seat inspections and installation, and life jacket loaners stations for lakes and other public swimming areas. We also provide education for groups, not limited to vaping/e-cigarettes, Coaching Boys Into Men, hyperthermia prevention, bicycle safety, suicide prevention, bullying, and human sex trafficking.