Inpatient Data Reporting Requirements

Texas Health Care Information Collection
Center for Health Statistics

H.B.2641, of the 84th Texas Legislative Session amended Title 4, Civil Practice and Remedies Code to add:
Sec. 74A.002.  LIMITATION ON LIABILITY OF HEALTH CAREPROVIDERS RELATING TO HEALTH INFORMATION EXCHANGES. (a) Unless the health care provider acts with malice or gross negligence, a health care provider who provides patient information to a health information exchange is not liable for any damages, penalties, or other relief related to the obtainment, use, or disclosure of that information in violation of federal or state privacy laws by a health information exchange, another health care provider, or any other person.


Who Must Report

All hospitals in the State of Texas are required to submit claims on all discharged inpatients.

What To Report  

Hospitals are required to submit claims on all discharged inpatients attended or treated by physicians. Discharge data reports follow the national uniform billing data element specifications and additional state-required data elements. Required data elements are specified in the Hospital Discharge Data Rules. After data files are received by THCIC, they are reviewed to determine if they conform to data specifications. The data are then checked using editing criteria established by the agency.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications, the current specifications for reporting and correcting data. The manual is intended for the hospital's IT staff or software vendor that will create the electronic data submission. The Appendices include information that may be useful in the submission of inpatient data.

Reporting Schedule

  • Reporting Schedule includes dates for the reporting, correction and certification of hospital data.

Data Submission – Electronic

Data Submission - Manual Data Entry

  • Claim Entry, Training presentation for manual data entry via THCIC system (PDF Format, 11.2 MB)
  • Inpatient Reports, Training presentation on downloading reports on data currently in the THCIC system (PDF Format, 2.06 MB)

Data Correction

Hospitals are notified of errors found in data files submitted to THCIC and are responsible for correcting the errors.

  • Claim Correction, Training presentation for data correction via THCIC system (PDF Format, 10.4 MB)

Data Certification

Hospitals are required to certify each quarterly dataset as being complete and accurate.

  • Inpatient Certification, Training presentation for data certification for inpatient facilities via THCIC system (PDF Format, 6.88 MB)

System13 Support Videos

  • Videos to assist in the submission, correction and certification of data.


  • Contact the System13 Help Desk at 1-888-308-4953 or for help with electronic data submission problems, system login problems, changing a submitter contact, or other help topics.  If there is no representative available to assist, a message may be left for a return call.
  • Contact THCIC by e-mail at for assistance with claim entry, claim correction and/ or certification.
  • Online training is available to submitters and providers.   The schedule is available here.

Additional Information

  • Numbered Letters, a regular publication to keep all inpatient and outpatient facilities informed of the discharge data collection process.  (PDF Format)

Download Adobe Reader to view PDF files.  Viewers for reading and printing Word files, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint files are available from Microsoft's Download Center.

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