FAQs – Texas Public Health Fellowship

Fellowship Details

What Fellowships will be offered for the 2023-24 Texas Public Health Fellowship?

Available Fellowships will be determined this Fall and posted on this website in November 2022. Please check the Available Fellowship page for detailed descriptions of each available Fellowship position.

Will I be able to choose the Fellowship and Host Site location that I apply to?

  • Yes. You will be able to select and apply to up to five Fellowships. The fellow selection process will be competitive, so you may not get your first choice.
  • Fellowship Descriptions will be available November 2022.
  • Descriptions will contain details about each available Fellowship position including location, salary, public health discipline (epidemiology, behavioral science, etc.), and Fellow activities and responsibilities.

How many Fellowships will be available?

There will be between 36 Fellowships.

Where will Fellowships be located?

  • Fellowship Host Sites will be located across the state of Texas.
  • Host Sites will be programs or regional office at the Texas Department of State Health Services OR at a local health department.

Can I do the Fellowship virtually/remotely?

Most Host Sites will require that the Fellow be available to be in person at the Host Site location full-time. A few Host Sites may have teams that work virtually or have policies that allow for some telework or remote work. Please review the Fellowship Descriptions for in-person expectations and location.

Will I need to travel for the Fellowship?

Some Fellows may have responsibilities or activities at their Host Site that require travel. This could be something like driving to various locations in the local health department’s jurisdiction to do outreach in the community or driving to clinics to perform certain tasks. Fellows may also have opportunities to travel to conferences or other professional development activities.

If I am selected to be a Fellow, will I need to relocate?

There is no requirement that you relocate for the Fellowship, however, Fellows will be expected to be available to be in person at the Fellowship Host Site location. Please review the Fellowship Descriptions carefully and only apply to Fellowships located where you can live and work.

If I move for the Fellowship, can I get help paying for my move?

No. Unfortunately, a moving stipend will not be available.

How many hours a week will the fellowship be?

The Texas Public Health Fellowship is a paid training program. Fellows will be expected to commit to a full-time Fellowship position that is 40 hours per week during regular business hours for one year (June 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024).

What salary will the Fellow receive?

  • Each Fellowship position has a specified salary based on the cost of living of Host Site location, and Host’s preferred level of education. See the Fellowship Descriptions for salary information.
  • Fellows will be compensated with a competitive, full-time salary between $40,000-$60,000.
  • Salaries are non-negotiable
  • Please see Fellowship Descriptions for specific Fellowship salaries

Will Fellows have access to medical and other benefits?

  • All Fellows placed at DSHS Host Sites will be hired into full-time, benefits eligible positions.
  • Most Fellows placed at local health departments will be hired into full-time, benefits eligible positions. There may be a small few that will hire Fellows as independent contractors. As a contractor, the Fellow would not have access to benefits. Contract positions will be designated in the job description.
  • Benefits will include leave including sick and vacation or annual leave.

Will Fellows have time off? What if I have plans to travel during the Fellowship?

  • Fellows will have time off. Fellows will have standard state holidays off and have access to vacation or annual leave benefits.
  • Fellows hosted at DSHS will not have access to vacation or annual leave until after the first six months of employment. Leave policies may vary among Host Sites at local health departments.

What will I do during the Fellowship?

  • Fellows will be integrated into the workforce at a local health department, DSHS Program, or DSHS Regional Office. Fellows will work side by side with colleagues and be supervised by a Host Site staff member.
  • Host Sites will have a set of activities, job responsibilities, and deliverables for the Fellow.
  • Fellows will participate in various professional development activities provided by DSHS.


Is there anything I should do prior to applying?

  • Attend an information session!
  • Review our website and FAQs for important instructions and details about the Fellowship.
  • Prepare your resume or CV, two references, and three short essays (see How to Apply).

Will Fellows be interviewed? What will the interviews be like?

  • Some applicants will be selected as candidates and be interviewed.
  • Interviews will most likely be virtual. Host Site staff and Fellowship coordinators will ask the candidates a standard set of questions.
  • Interviews will be conducted in March 2023.

When will I know if I am selected as a candidate?

  • Candidates will be selected from all applicants and will be invited to interview for a Fellowship position.
  • If you are selected to interview for a Fellowship position, you will be contacted by our team. We will schedule a time for you to be interviewed by the Host Site and Fellowship staff. Interviews will begin in March 2023.

When will I know if I have been selected as a Fellow?

Our team will contact you directly in March 2023.

Is there a way I can verify that my application is complete?

You can email TxPHFellowship@dshs.texas.gov to ask about your application and confirm completion.

Are Fellowship positions filled on a first-come, first-serve basis?

No. All applications will be reviewed and equally considered for the Fellowship.


I am currently employed. Am I eligible for this Fellowship?

Yes! You are eligible to apply, however, this Fellowship is a full-time, 40-hour per week, paid position. We do not recommend applying if you do not plan to leave your current position.

What type of applicants are you looking for? What does early career mean?

  • This Fellowship is for early career public health professionals or people interested in starting a career in public health.
  • Fellows could come from any level of education and any background. Previous public health education or work experience is not required.
  • If you’ve already worked for two or more years full-time in the field of public health, this Fellowship may not be the right fit for you. We recommend applying your background and experience to positions at the Texas Department of State Health Services.

I am a full-time student and plan to graduate in Spring 2023. Am I eligible for this Fellowship?

  • Yes! If you are planning to graduate by Spring 2023, we would consider you an ideal candidate.
  • If you plan to be a full-time student during the 2023-24 academic year, this may not be the best time to do this Fellowship. Because this Fellowship is a full-time, 40-hour per week, paid position, it may not be feasible to do the Fellowship and fulfill your responsibilities as a full-time student.

I am currently an international student, am I eligible for the Fellowship?

Yes! International students are welcome to apply, however; all Fellows will be required to provide proof of authorization to work in the United States.

Will the Fellowship program assist me with acquiring a work visa?

Unfortunately, no. For this Fellowship, Fellows must be prepared to provide proof of authorization to work in the United States.

How well do Fellows need to speak English?

Fellows will need to speak and communicate in writing in English well enough so that they can participate in most conversations. Native speakers may notice some errors in your speech or your understanding, but your errors rarely cause misunderstanding.

Do Fellows need to be able to speak Spanish?

  • Being able to speak Spanish is not required to be eligible to apply for the Fellowship.
  • Spanish language skills will be required or highly valuable for a select few of the Fellowship positions.
If you have questions about your specific eligibility, please email TxPHFellowship@dshs.texas.gov