Texas Public Health Fellowship

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The Texas Public Health Fellowship is a one-year paid, training program for individuals early in their public health careers or interested in starting a career in public health. Fellows will receive hands-on experience in public health, professional development, and career guidance. Fellows could come from a wide variety of backgrounds, levels of education, and have varied interests.

Applicants selected to be Fellows will be matched with Host Sites located throughout Texas based on geography, areas of interest, skills, and experience. Host sites will include local health departments, DSHS programs, and DSHS Regional Offices.

What is the Fellowship?

  • A one-year training program for early career public health professionals
  • Full-time, 40-hour per week, paid position
  • 36 Fellowship positions located at DSHS Programs and Regional Offices, and Local Health Departments across Texas
  • Salary based on cost of living of Host Site location, and position’s preferred level of education (Maximum salary: $60,000)
  • An opportunity to shape your career in public health

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Important Dates

November 2022 Application Opens
February 1st, 2023 Application Due
June 1st, 2023 Fellowship Starts
May 31st, 2024 Fellowship Ends

Why be a Texas Public Health Fellow?

This program gives individuals early in their public health careers or interested in exploring a career in public health real-life, hands-on experience in public health. Fellows will be fully integrated into the Host Site workforce, and work side by side with public health professionals. During the year-long Fellowship, Fellows will receive professional development and career guidance. At the end of the Fellowship, Fellows will be ready to propel their public health careers forward.

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What will I do during the Fellowship?

  • Gain hands-on experience in public health
  • Apply classroom knowledge and previous work experience to current public health issues and challenges
  • Network with current and future public health professionals
  • Receive career guidance from public health professionals
  • Work closely with local colleagues at the Host Site on relevant public health issues
  • Perform various activities, and produce deliverables determined by Host Site
  • Participate in professional development and public health training at DSHS

If you have any questions about the Texas Public Health Fellowship program, please email TXPHFellowship@dshs.texas.gov