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Texas Environmental Laws - Health and Safety Code

Texas Laws and Statutes Governing Radiation Control
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Chapter 401 Radioactive Materials and Other Sources of Radiation

Laser and Laser Device Services Registration Rules - Title 25, Texas Administrative Code

Lasers and Laser Device Services Registration Rules
Rule Title Revision Date
§289.203 (HTML)
§289.203 (PDF, 109KB)
Notices, Instructions, and Reports To Workers; Inspections 10/01/11
§289.204 (HTML)
§289.204 (PDF, 85KB)
Fees for Certificates of Registration, Radioactive Material Licenses, Emergency Planning and Implementation, and Other Regulatory Services 09/07/14
§289.205 (HTML)
§289.205 (PDF, 91KB)
Hearing and Enforcement Procedures 12/27/07
§289.231 (HTML)
§289.231 (PDF, 280KB)
General Provisions and Standards for Protection Against Machine-Produced Radiation 12/29/11
§289.301 (HTML)
§289.301 (PDF, 261KB)
Registration and Radiation Safety Requirements for Lasers and Intense-Pulsed Light Devices - Texas Regulations for Control of Laser Radiation Hazards 10/12/08