Laser and Laser Services Registration

*Notice: The Radiation Machine Source Unit has transitioned to a paperless environment. All outgoing correspondence for x-ray and laser registration, mammography certification and mammography accreditation, including certificates, will be mailed. Ensure the email address provided to RMSU is monitored.  

Please send applications with fees to: 
Department of State Health Services  
Cash Receipts Branch – MC 2003 
PO Box 149347 
Austin, TX 78714-9347 

To minimize processing delays for renewal and amendment applications, submit documents to


The DSHS Radiation Control Program issues certificates of registration for businesses that utilize Class 3B and 4 lasers for medical, academic, veterinary, entertainment, and industrial use, and to laser service companies within the state of Texas. 

Laser services include but are not limited to alignment, calibration, or repair of lasers, demonstration and sales of lasers, and providing lasers on a temporary basis. 

Registration Requirements - Laser and Laser Services

Online Application Instructions

New Registrants

Fee Schedule

Renewing Your Certificate

Other Changes to Your Certificate of Registration

*Equipment, name, address, and LSO changes* can be completed online using the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System. For additional information visit the Online Application Instructions page.