Laws and Rules - Mammography Program

Texas Laws - Health and Safety Code

Texas Laws and Statutes Governing Radiation Control
Statute Title
Chapter 401 Radioactive Materials and Other Sources of Radiation

Mammography Rules - Title 25, Texas Administrative Code

Rules Covering Mammography
Rule Title Revision Date
§289.203 (HTML)
§289.203 (PDF, 109KB)
Notices, Instructions, and Reports To Workers; Inspections 10/01/11
RC Form 203-1
(PDF, 65KB)
“Notice to Employees” RC Form 203-1 (standalone document) 10/01/11
§289.204 (HTML)
§289.204 (PDF, 85KB)
Fees for Certificates of Registration, Radioactive Material Licenses, Emergency Planning and Implementation, and Other Regulatory Services 09/07/14
§289.205 (HTML)
§289.205 (PDF, 91KB)
Hearing and Enforcement Procedures 12/27/07
§289.226 (HTML)
§289.226 (PDF, 218KB)
Registration of Radiation Machine Use and Services 07/16/21
§289.230 (HTML)
§289.230 (PDF, 378KB)
Certification of Mammography Systems and Mammography Machines Used for Interventional Breast Radiography 04/29/12
§289.231 (HTML)
§289.231 (PDF, 280KB)
General Provisions and Standards for Protection Against Machine-Produced Radiation 12/29/11

Texas Mammography Accreditation Rules - Title 25, Texas Administrative Code

(In addition to the mammography rules listed above, facilities accredited with State of Texas must follow the rules listed below.)

Rules Covering Texas Mammography Accreditation
Rule Title Revision Date
§289.234 (HTML)
§289.234 (PDF, 113KB)
Mammography Accreditation 04/29/12