Mammography and Intervention Breast Radiography Certification Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Table of Contents

Do I need to add locum tenens physicians and/or temporary mammography personnel to the facility's certification?

Facilities utilizing interpreting physicians or technologists from a temporary service shall verify credentials prior to employing these individuals and maintain copies of the qualifications for inspection by the Agency. The facility does not need to notify the Agency unless these personnel will be at the facility for a period exceeding four weeks.

How do I get a duplicate/copy of our facility's mammography certificate?

To request a copy of the certificate, contact the Open Records Coordinator at (512) 834-6688, extension 2202.

Can a facility get a Spanish-language certificate?

The Agency will issue an additional certificate translated into Spanish for those facilities serving a Spanish-speaking population. The facility should display both Spanish and English certificates where they can be viewed by mammography patients. Contact the Agency certifying body at (737) 218-7110 to request a Spanish-language certificate.

How can I obtain a replacement original certificate and is there a fee?

Contact the Agency certifying body to request a replacement certificate. Currently, there is not a fee for a replacement certificate.

My newly issued state mammography certificate does not have an expiration date. Did I receive a valid certificate?

Yes. The expiration date is located on the first page of the two-page mammography certificate.

What name(s) are we supposed to put on the Business Information Form (BIF)

The form should state the 'Legal Name' and 'Doing Business As' name, if applicable, as filed with Texas Secretary of State's Office and/or county clerk's office.

I have submitted my annual certification fees. When can I expect to receive my new certificate?

Paying annual fees does not constitute issuance of a new certificate. You will not receive an amended certificate until after your next renewal period.

How can I verify that the Agency has received my amendment request?

Contact the Radiation Machine Source Group at (737) 218-7110 to verify receipt.

The facility received a Notice of Violation for non-payment of fees, who do I need to contact?

Contact the Accounting Department at (512) 834-6688, extension 2060 or 2059.

Does a mammography technologist need to hold the ARRT advanced mammography registry to perform mammography?

No, it is not required for a mammography technologist to hold the ARRT (M). However, the mammography technologist must have completed the initial 40 hours of mammography training.

Can a facility provide in-house training for mammography?

Yes. In-house training can be obtained under the supervision of a qualified instructor. At least 40 contact hours of documented training specific to mammography must be completed. The hours of documented training shall include, but is not limited to:

  • Training in breast anatomy and physiology, positioning and compression, quality assurance/quality control techniques, imaging of patients with breast implants;
  • The performance of a minimum of 25 examinations under the direct supervision of an qualified individual and;
  • At least 8 hours of training in each mammography modality to be used by the technologist in performing mammography exams.

Can a facility have two lead interpreting physicians that share joint responsibility?

No. There can only be one designated lead interpreting physician.

When a facility is requesting digital mammography films for comparison, can the facility accept images on a CD or can they obtain hardcopy films?

For purposes of transferring films, the facility must be able to provide the medical institution, physician, healthcare provider, patient or patient's representative, with hardcopy films of final interpretation quality or, when it is acceptable to the recipient (e.g., a transfer between two FFDM facilities), with original or lossless compressed full field digital images electronically.

The facility is changing the accreditation contact person, who do we have to contact?

Contact the facility's accrediting body for instructions on how to change the contact person.

When a diagnostic mammogram is performed, does an interpreting physician have to be present?

No, currently there is no regulation that requires an interpreting physician to be onsite at the time a diagnostic mammogram is performed.

Can an interpreting physician overread/multi-read to meet their continuing experience requirement?

Yes, as long as the interpreting physician did not interpret the original mammogram.

Our Certificate of Inspection has expired, how can I obtain a new one?

For questions regarding inspections, contact (512) 834-6770. Note: The certificate of inspection does not authorize the facility to perform mammography.