New Birth Certificate Based on Adoption

To file a new birth certificate based on an adoption of a child who was born in Texas*, applicants must work with their attorney and/or district clerk to submit the following:

  • Completed Certificate of Adoption (VS-160) form, certified by your district clerk's office
  • Certified copy of final Decree of Adoption (including Court Order)

View the Costs and Fees page for all costs associated with filing a new birth certificate based on adoption.

An examiner trained in adoption issues will review the application. An application will be rejected if it is not completed properly. If an application is rejected, Vital Statistics will send the applicant a letter explaining the situation.

When an application is rejected, it is considered closed. You can resubmit the application with corrections, and the processing time will start over.

For assistance with this process, applicants should contact their attorney and/or district clerk.

* NOTE: Vital Statistics can only process adoption birth certificates for individuals born in Texas, even if adoption takes place in another state.