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    TxEVER: Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar

Requirements for Mail/In-Person Orders

A complete application includes an original application with all the boxes filled out, a signature (with a notary seal if by mail), acceptable identification (photocopy if by mail and original if in person), and payment.

An application will be rejected if it is not completed properly. When an application is rejected, it is considered closed. You can resubmit the application with corrections, and the processing time will start over.

Note: These requirements only apply to ordering certified copies of birth and death records. Anyone is eligible to order a birth or death verification if able to provide the full name of the individual, date of event, and location of event.

By Mail In-Person Foster or Homeless Youth

Ordering Records by Mail

To get an official certified copy of a vital record by mail, you must:

Ordering Records In-Person

The DSHS Austin Lobby for Vital Statistics walk-in orders is closed until further notice. See the Vital Statistics Announcements for more information.

To get an official certified copy of a vital record in person, you must:

Foster or Homeless Youth

The state registrar, a local registrar, or a county clerk shall issue, without fee or parental consent, a certified copy of the child's or youth's birth record to:

  • a homeless child or youth as defined by 42 U.S.C Section 11434a;
  • a child in the managing conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services; and
  • a young adult who:
    • is at least 18 years of age, but younger than 21 years of age; and
    • resides in a foster care placement, the cost of which is paid by the Department of Family and Protective Services.

To qualify for the waiver, include supporting documentation with your application such as:

  • a document from the Department of Family and Protective Services
  • a Foster Care Verification form
  • an attestation of youth homeless status
    Sample attestation form

Last updated November 20, 2020