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The Youth Camp Advisory committee is appointed by the HHSC executive commissioner. The committee is to advise the executive commissioner in the development of standards and procedures; make recommendations to the executive commissioner regarding the content of the rules adopted to implement the Act; and perform any other functions requested by the executive commissioner in the implementation and administration of the Youth Camp Act. The advisory committee shall not exceed nine members. At least two members shall be from the general public, and seven members shall be experienced camping professionals who represent the camping communities of the state and should reflect the geographic diversity of the state in proportion to the number of camps licensed by the department in each geographic area of the state. The advisory committee meets at least annually and at the call of the executive commissioner or his designee.


Committee members shall serve for staggered six-year terms, with the terms of three members expiring on August 31 of each odd-numbered year. The committee may adopt rules for the conduct of its own activities and may elect from among its members a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary. A simple majority of the members of the committee who are statutorily required to be appointed shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting official business. A committee member may not receive compensation or reimbursement of expenses for serving on a youth camp committee. Each committee shall annually select from among its members a chair who will serve as the presiding officer of the committee. The presiding officer of the committee shall preside over the committee. The committee is not a "governmental body" as defined in the Open Meetings Act. However, in order to promote public participation, each meeting of the committee shall be announced and conducted in accordance with the Texas Government Code, Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551.

Next Advisory Committee meeting: Wednesday February 8, 2023 10am Robert Bernstein room K-100 1100 W. 49th St. Austin, TX 78756

Feb 2023 Meeting Agenda

Committee Members

Youth Camp Advisory Committee Members
Name Affiliation
Mr. Robert Miller   BSA Standards Task Force 
Ms. Patricia Osborn  YMCA of Greater Houston 
Dr. Brandon Briery, Ph.D.  Children's Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP) 
Ms. Victoria Price, LMSW

Public Member, Cook Children's Health Plan  

Ms. Leah Mesches

GIRLS Empowerment Network 

Mr. Dan Neal 

Camp Doublecreek 

Meeting Minutes




Meeting Handouts/ Presentations

Youth Camp Updates 2020 (PDF)

Youth Camp Updates 2021 (PDF) 

Youth Camp 2022 Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Youth Camp 2022 Sep 21 Meeting Presentation (PDF)

Youth Camp 2023 Feb 8 Meeting Presentation (PDF)


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