Application Instructions - Youth Camp Program

Timelines for Submitting an Application

You should submit your complete application and fee at least two months prior to camp operation.

Failure to submit your application in a timely manner or failure to complete each section of the application or to submit the appropriate fee will delay the issuance of your license.

You may not operate a youth camp without a license in Texas.

Pre-licensing Inspection Information

All new youth camps, as well as some camps applying for a renewal, will be required to complete a pre-licensing inspection prior to a youth camp license being issued.

Youth camps applying for a new license, whether a new facility, camp, transfer of ownership or physical relocation of an existing facility, must have a pre-licensing inspection prior to the issuance of a license, as required by Chapter 141 of the Texas Health & Safety Code.

Inspection of a youth camp is required to verify that the operation meets applicable health and safety regulations, rules and standards. All camps are subject to random unannounced inspections during the camping season, in addition to pre-licensing inspections.

Please refer to the youth camp pre-licensing procedure, the inspection form, and the inspection matrix on the applications and forms page of this website to ensure that the camp/facility is ready for inspection. All camps that require a new license must be ready for inspection in early May in order to ensure that the inspection is conducted and the license is issued prior to camp opening.

Applying for a License

Youth camp license applications, as well as pre-licensing and inspection documents, may be found on the applications and forms page of this website. New licenses must be submitted online using the Regulatory Services Online Licensing System. It is recommended that all supporting documentation be saved as a PDF before attaching to the online application.